Supergravity 2022
Genova, September 19-20

The workshop will gather a small group of experts to discuss recent results on extensions, solutions and applications of supergravity theories to black holes, ads/cft, string phenomenology and cosmology.

Information on the previous editions is here: Supergravity 2019, Supergravity 2017, Supergravity 2015

People interested in attending the meeting should contact one of the organizers: Davide Cassani, Gianguido Dall'Agata, Stefano Giusto, Camillo Imbimbo, Gianluca Inverso, Luca Martucci and Stefano Massai by email at or

Since the week of the conference is expected to be busier than usual in Genoa, we ask all participants to make a hotel reservation as soon as possible . You can find a list of suggested hotels here, but of course feel free to choose any other accommodation you find convenient.

The workshop is supported by the INFN, by the Department of Physics of the University of Genoa under the program "Dipartimenti di Eccellenza 2018-2022", by the University of Padua and by the INFN GSS Initiative.

Invited Speakers

  • D. Andriot (LAPTh)
  • T. Anous (UVA)
  • A. Bissi (Uppsala U.)
  • F. Bonetti (Oxford U.)
  • N. Cribiori (MPI)
  • G.B. De Luca (Stanford)
  • J. Gauntlett (Imperial College)
  • Y. Lozano (Oviedo U.)
  • S. Lüst (Harvard U.)
  • D. Mayerson (Leuven U.)
  • R. Russo (Queen Mary U.)
  • D. Turton (Southampton U.)
  • E. Verheijden (Harvard U.)


The event is going to take place in Aula Benvenuto (Dipartimento di Architettura e Design - DAD), Stradone Sant'Agostino 37, Genova: link).

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Monday 19

  • 9:00 R. Russo, "Black hole scattering in (super)gravity: the eikonal approach";
  • 10:00 A. Bissi, "A CFT perspective on supergravity amplitudes";

  • 11:00 Coffee break

  • 11:30 J. Gauntlett, "Entropy of supersymmetric AdS black holes and GK geometry";

  • 14:00 D. Turton, "Shockwaves in Black Hole Microstate Geometries";
  • 15:00 D. Mayerson, "Tools for gravitational waves - a tail of multipoles and beyond";

  • 16:00 Coffee break

  • 16:30 E. Verheijden, "A Trip to the Zoo: near-AdS2 spectroscopy of black holes in N=2 4D supergravity";
  • 17:30 T. Anous, "Sailing past the End of the World and discovering the Island";

Tuesday 20

  • 9:00 F. Bonetti, "Non-Invertible Symmetries from Holography and Branes";
  • 10:00 Y. Lozano, "Lower dimensional holography, defects and string dualities";

  • 11:00 Coffee break

  • 11:30 N. Cribiori, "Supergravity as an effective tool towards quantum gravity";

  • 14:00 S. Lüst, "Effective Theory of Warped Compactifications and the Implications for KKLT";
  • 15:00 G.B. De Luca, "Gravity from Thermodynamics and Optimal Transport";

  • 16:00 Coffee break

  • 16:30 D. Andriot, "Minkowski and (anti-) de Sitter solutions of 10d supergravities, and (swampland) conjectures";

  • 17:30 Conference end.

D. Andriot LAPTh C. ImbimboGenova U.
T. Anous UVA M. IngleseTorino U.
P. Benetti Genolini King's Coll. London G. InversoINFN Padova
A. Bissi Uppsala U. Y. LozanoOviedo U.
A. Boido Oxford U. S. Lüst Harvard U.
F. Bonetti Oxford U. L. MartucciPadova U.
D. Cassani INFN Padova S. MassaiPadova U.
N. Ceplak IPhT, CEA/Saclay D. MayersonLeuven U.
A. Ceresole INFN Torino M. MorittuPadova U.
N. Cribiori MPI N. PetriBen Gurion U.
A. Damonte Genova U. M. PetriniLPTHE Paris
G.B. De Luca Stanford S. RawashSouthampton U.
G. Di Russo Tor Vergata U. F. RevelloOxford U.
G. Dibitetto Tor Vergata U. N. RissoPadova U.
M. Emelin Padova U. D. RovereGenova U.
A. Fontanarossa Torino U. A. RuiperezPadova U.
M. Galli HU-Berlin R. RussoQueen Mary U.
B. Ganchev IPhT, CEA/Saclay M. SantagataSouthampton U.
J. Gauntlett Imperial College S. TosiGenova U.
A. Georgoudis Nordita D. TurtonSouthampton U.
S. Giri Milano Bicocca U. E. VerheijdenUVA
S. Giusto Genova U. A. WarmanGenova U.
P. A. Grassi Piemonte Orientale U. X. ZhangLeuven U.
A. Houppe IPhT, CEA/Saclay