Supergravity 2019
Padova, September 12-13

The workshop will gather a small group of experts to discuss recent results on extensions, solutions and applications of supergravity theories to black holes, ads/cft, string phenomenology and cosmology.

Information on the previous editions is here: Supergravity 2017, Supergravity 2015

People interested in attending the meeting should contact one of the organizers: Davide Cassani, Gianguido Dall'Agata, Stefano Giusto, Luca Martucci by email at

The workshops are supported by the INFN, by a University grant and by the INFN GSS Initiative.

Invited Speakers

  • N. Bobev (KU Leuven)
  • J.J. Carrasco (Northwestern U. and CEA Saclay)
  • M. Chiodaroli (Uppsala U.)
  • G. Dibitetto (Uppsala U.)
  • F. Farakos (KU Leuven)
  • G. Inverso (Queen Mary)
  • D. Martelli (King's College)
  • M. Petrini (LPTHE Paris)
  • A. Puhm (Ecole Polytechnique)
  • V. Reys (Milan Bicocca U.)
  • K. Skenderis (Southampton U.)
  • A. Tomasiello (Milan Bicocca U.)
  • N. Warner (USC)
  • T. Weigand (CERN)


The event is going to take place in Aula Rosino, Vicolo Dell'Osservatorio 3 (Dipartimento di Fisica e Astronomia, Sede ex-Rizzato: link).

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Thursday 12

  • 9:00 N. Warner, "Probing Microstate Geometries";
  • 10:00 A. Puhm, "Celestial Gravitons";

  • 11:00 Coffee break

  • 11:30 F. Farakos, "Fayet-Iliopoulos terms without gaugings in supergravity";

  • 14:00 M. Petrini, "Systematics of consistent truncations";
  • 15:00 G. Inverso, "Exceptional field theories and solution generation";

  • 16:00 Coffee break

  • 16:30 N. Bobev, "Holographic Uniformization and Black Hole Attractors";
  • 17:30 D. Martelli, "Extremization principles in AdS/CFT and supersymmetric black holes";

Friday 13

  • 9:00 G. Dibitetto, "Orientifold reductions to 6d and their supergravity description";
  • 10:00 T. Weigand, "Stringy Swampland Constraints";

  • 11:00 Coffee break

  • 11:30 V. Reys, "One-loop determinants and black hole entropy in gauged supergravity";

  • 14:00 J.J. Carrasco, "Tinker-toys Beat Ansatze";
  • 15:00 M. Chiodaroli, "Gauged supergravities from the double copy";

  • 16:00 Coffee break

  • 16:30 K. Skenderis, "Anomalous Supersymmetry";
  • 17:30 A. Tomasiello, "String theory compactifications with sources";

  • 18:30 Conference end.

S. Andriolo Hong Kong U. A. Marrani Centro Fermi
N. Bobev KU Leuven D. Martelli King's College
A. Bombini Padova U. L. Martucci Padova U.
G. Buratti UA Madrid M. Morittu Padova U.
J.J. Carrasco Northwestern U. B. Niehoff KU Leuven
D. Cassani INFN Padova L. Papini Padova U.
N. Ceplak Queen Mary U. D. Partipilo Padova U.
A. Ceresole INFN Turin N. Petri Oviedo U.
A. Charles KU Leuven M. Petrini LPTHE Paris
M. Chiodaroli Uppsala U. A. Puhm Ecole Polytechnique
M.A.M. Contreras U. Valparaiso V. Reys Milan Bicocca U.
N. Cribiori TU Wien M. Shigemori Kyoto U.
G. Dall'Agata Padova U. K. Skenderis Southampton U.
S. De Angelis Queen Mary U. A. Tomasiello Milan Bicocca U.
G. Dibitetto Uppsala U. A. Tyukov Padova U.
F. Farakos KU Leuven J. Van Muiden KU Leuven
A. Galliani IPhT, Saclay A. Van Proeyen KU Leuven
S. Giusto Padova U. N. Warner USC
G. Inverso Queen Mary U. T. Weigand CERN
G. Josse LPTHE Paris F. Zwirner Padova U.
S. Lanza Padova U.